7 bad habits you need to quit right away

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June 12, 2021

“Changing Tiny Habits makes a big change.”

Hello! Are you here to find solutions to your Bad Habits, then I wish there was something that I can do magic to your life, but I can tell you what works for me but eventually you need to work.

There is an old saying, “ Good Habits take time to build up but Bad habits feel like why we are stuck with them.

Then hello partner, we are together on this journey, to change ourselves into something good. 

We all are not god blessed child, who doesn’t have imperfections. But If we think and then think again we can do something to give a red alert and change them into good habits.

So, let’s dive into things that we all as a partner can have something common in us and add them to our do to list.

#1. Scrolling social media endlessly.

High Five If you are also one who has this habit.

This is our biggest enemy of all bad habits. Social media apps are smarter than us, to replace our free time or (self-time) with social time. You sometimes may be avoiding social gatherings, but you never do the same to social media.

So what you can do? Here’s a quick tip.

  1. Set Reminders – Use your phone as your good friend, set reminders of the time limit, before you use your phone, this will limit your use to some extent.
  2. Turn off notifications of apps that you use mostly for a day or hours.
  3. Shuffle your app location – this is one thing which I do a lot, we all build up a mini habit in our main habit, that is, our mind learns the location of the app with time, we tend to click there quickly. 

Next time when you do so, shuffle your app places and also you can replace them with a useful app.

Now scroll to this point and let’s see what is the next thing.

#2. Wearing earphones for long hours.

Are you thinking that is this also a bad habit?

Yes, wearing them for long hours and also listening to music at a high volume can be a problem. This tends to cause hearing loss and also you maybe will not be able to concentrate more. 

When you enjoy the music you listen to it too loud then it buzzes all over your head the whole day.

So you need to stop listening to music at a high volume, also remember to clean your earphones timely and restrict the use of other earphones.

 Why? As it collects germs from all outer things with time.

Use your free time to enjoy the peace of nature, go for a walk, paint, do anything to do distract you from your phone, while you do this, leave your phone for that period.

#3. Not taking required sleep.

Compromising sleep over anything is like giving an invitation to overall bad health.

Good sleep comes with goodies; good mental health, energetic day, can concentrate on work. 

Planing your things the night before will save you lots of time the next day and if somehow you still lacking to sleep, then on weekends increase your sleeping hours and have a good sleep. 

#4. You attract negativity

We all attract negativity in some way when we start something.

Negativity is something, that is like your bad friend who will make you think bad about yourself, lure you by bribing you. 

For Instance: You want to start exercising and you have to be patient to see results, then it bribe you by the comfort and make you realize that you can’t do it, and you quit.

Here bad friend is you, your collapsing negative thoughts and things that make you think bad about yourself.

Think good about yourself, introspect yourself once in a while, to know yourself more, as when you will be in a problem only can save yourself, your close one can only give you solutions.

Remind yourself things that you are grateful for timely, whenever negativity hits you.

#5. Enjoy your food properly:

I’m not saying that you are not enjoying food but there has to be a balance in what type of food you eat.

You should try to eat it slowly and ensure that each time you eat you should be satisfied with it. Chew your food till it is not broken into many small pieces, which will help in better digestion.

Try finding healthy alternatives to your junk cravings. Shifting from fine flour, sugar, etc to whole wheat, stevia-like products you can recreate the same dish but with fewer calories this time and so you can enjoy more of it without guilt.

Enjoy not just the taste, but the feeling post-eating it.

#6. Not moving: 

Are you also one creating a new year resolution but eventually doing nothing.

But think of the consequences, you will face in near future in any form. Making your body active is crucial. 

We tend to work straight for many hours but forget to move from our desk which is making us bulky. It is also affecting our posture and making us more prone to health diseases.

Life is not like a piece of cake, to live a healthy and peaceful life, you need to work on yourself for your own sake.

#7. Craving late-night food:

How good it makes us feel when we have something late at night, sometimes as you were hungry and sometimes as you feel like munching something.

Why you are doing this?

As maybe you are a night owl who binge-watch every series, so first quit this and get good sleep, then your half problem will be solved here only.

If you can’t, then at least don’t eat something unhealthy there many healthy alternatives to it.

Night-time cravings can lead you to take more calories and can make you fat. Never skip dinner in order to eat less, as this will make you feel hungry at night.

Don’t buy junk foods, this will make your ease reach to foods that are available at home.


Work to make yourself better with each passing day. It doesn’t matter whatever your habits are, but accepting them and finding ways to change them, is more crucial.

Try to replace old with a new habit. Focus on one habit at a time, stick to that way, which you find satisfying and helpful.

If there is any habit, that you have changed in the past months and want to share your ways of changing that habit, then comment below.

Let’s spread good thoughts! 

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  1. Krishna

    Informative tips

  2. Ashish

    Wow ! So helpful. My weakness is point no. 5

  3. Nikita Agarwal

    So useful, amazing, loved it
    Keep growing

  4. Vaishnavi Vidwans

    Thanks for the reminder. We think these are too simple but the simple things make the most change!


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